Telefon: 48 389 02 30 | 510 328 426

Dear Guests

We would like to welcome you at The Dobrut Tavern

Served food is prepared from the homemade fresh and natural products and we use Old Polish recipes.

We appreciate all comments abouy our offer taste of food and the quality of service


Enjoy your food

Karczma's offer

We hear that every day. We are so proud of having  created a place where our guests feel so good, that they always come back. Not only to eat, but also to have a rest on a long journey.

We have put our hearts into this restaurant and we are so glad that you feel that.

Our delights



Dobrut 76b, gmina Orońsko

Phone 48 389 02 30 Mobile phone  510 328 426

Opening hours:

monday -thursday 10–22

friday 10-23

saturday 10-1.00

sunday 10-22